Social Security Hosts Strategic Retreat For Medical Practitioners

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Dr. Joylette Woodley Fassale, PresidentSt Kitts Nevis Medical and Dental Association delivering presentation at the Retreat

On Sunday November 22nd, 2020, the Social Security Board hosted a Doctors Retreat under the theme Planning for Future Success at the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions at Fortlands, St Kitts.

The forum provided an opportunity for engagement amongst Medical Practitioners and Social Security Administrators where ideas, information, challenges and recommendations were noted.

Director of Social Security, Mr Antonio Maynard delivered the welcome remarks and gave the attendees the Board’s commitment to strengthen the relationship and its readiness to develop programs and initiatives for improved health while stating the concerns and challenges being faced by Social Security.

Research and Statistics Manager, Mr Donovan Herbert presented a Benefits Cost analysis which provided numerical data of claims over the past five years giving details of the number of productive days lost and benefit costs.

Dr Joylette Woodley Fassale, President of the St Kitts Nevis Medical and Dental Association, represented the Association’s and Doctors’ perspective identifying gaps in the current relationship and the need for greater understanding of each other’s role in promoting healthcare and the management of the processes involved. Dr Woodley Fassale also noted the Association’s willingness to work closely with Social Security on related matters.

Legal Officer for Social Security, Mr Leon Charles reviewed the Board’s objectives while Benefits Manager, Mr Walwyn Chiverton addressed the common irregularities that cause delays in claim processing.

Retreat Facilitator, Ms Sybil Welsh expertly led the discussion identifying key issues, the problems and root causes and devising solutions through consensus building. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce represented by Executive Director Mr Andrew Satney, applauded Social Security for its role in hosting the retreat and the Chamber’s commitment to participate further in future initiatives.

The information gathered will be further developed for delivering a comprehensive plan of action. The SKNMDA and Social Security will meet more regularly to assess the progress and development of strategic alliances to improve healthcare.

Ms Kamilah Lawrence, Public Relations Manager delivered the closing remarks and thanked everyone for their active participation. Special mention must be made of Imagine Yoga St Kitts for the delivery of a Meditation and Sound Therapy Session and to Waters Anchor Center for Health and Wellness for the token of appreciation – digital scale, fit watch and Bluetooth water bottle, gifted to each participant.

The event was attended by over 45 medical practitioners from both St Kitts and Nevis, Social Security Board Members and Management and Executive Members of the St Kitts Nevis Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Courtesy: St. Christopher & Nevis Social Security Board

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